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This workshop was so profound – both as to horses and as to the humans. I really feel I’ve purged the bulk of the ancient grief, (thank you, Mimi!) and ever since,if I feel any draw toward looking backwards instead of forward, my motto is “old hay”!
Jeanne, retired lawyer


Equine Experiential Learning Sedona Retreat Every Saturday 1 - 4:30pm


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Join Isabelle Shook and Equine Guidance for a Healing Horse Workshop "The horses so generously give each person just the right guidance to go deeply within and discover themselves." Belle Shook

It is a true blessing to witness the powerful results of this work in the lives of humans and horses. Thank you all! I am so grateful to be apart of your experiences of becoming more self-empowered.

This web site is dedicated to the finest teachers I know. Horses.

Equine Guidance!

Equine Guidance is a therapeutic experience and is not intended to initiate or replace professional diagnosis and or treatment.


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