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"Thank you for insights and experiences that will stay with me for ever!"
Jason, Manager

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"Belle genuinely made a connection with each individual and was a genius at supporting the group process."
Jean, Counselor


Horses Teach Relationship

Belle Shook is an apex of the Equine Experiential Learning and therapy field. She has 2 decades of experience facilitating hundreds of equine experiences helping individuals and teams enrich their potential through interaction with the horse.

LPC: Licensed Professional Counselor in Arizona
MC: Master of Counseling: Three year Masters degree
BA: Experiential Learning: Four year undergraduate degree

Epona Equestrian Services Approved Instructor: A year long certification training program
Epona Approved Advanced Instructor: Two year training the trainer certification
EAGALA: Equine Assisted Growth and Learning Association part one: 3 day workshop and part two: 3 day fundamentals of EAGALA.
PATH:Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship Certified Equine Specialist

Previously she co-facilitated for years with Linda Kohanov author of The Tao of Equus, and Riding Between the Worlds. In addition, co-instructed for 4 years the first year long training available in Equine Experiential Learning granting her the title, Epona Approved Advanced Facilitator as well as the respect of many colleagues.

Isabelle Shook with Salsa

In the booming field of Horses as Healers many different programs and approaches are available. This work is very powerful and when facilitated by individuals without appropriate professional training your mental and emotional well being can be at risk as well as the safety of the horse. It is in your best interest to research and evaluate the credentials of your facilitator.

Equine Experiential Learning: How It Works

Horses are social creatures that readily and honestly respond to the challenges inherent in forming and sustaining relationships.

Because horses are preyed upon in nature, these sensitive, mindful creatures have maintained a highly developed ability to respond to subtle changes in stance, muscle tension, breathing and arousal levels of other horses and predators. Horses respond to both positive and negative changes in the handler's behavior, offering people constant feedback and timely rewards for their actions. It is common language to say "a horse can sense your fear": they are sensitive to even the slightest incongruence of all emotions and intentions yet they are exceedingly patient and forgiving.

“Equine Guidance ®” provides a direct way, through interactions with the horse, to shift unconscius patterns of limitation and enhance individual and group potential.

In short, horses are emotional geniuses and great teachers.


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