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"A special experience. An amazing opportunity to explore oneself and expand awareness and intuition in a very safe environment."
Cindy, Caretaker


Horse Human Connection



"I am trained in a different healing discipline, and expected a "culture clash," but found it didn't exist. Rather, I was gently and expertly guided by Belle and by the work to go deeper into who I authentically am.
Thank you!"
Laila, Sufi Minister


Leadership and Horses


Horse Connection

"I’ve always loved being around horses. This experience gave me a whole new perspective of how to interact with them- Patience and allowing my inner self to do a better job of connecting is the key. I want to experience this again." Michelle, corporate America.

This Sedona Horse Experience has been praised as enlightening for horse and human alike!

Equine Guidance ®; is an inspiring journey for deeper personal fulfillment. It is a unique and direct way to gain new insights that shift the participants perceptions of limitation to sustainable life changes.

Belle Shook a pioneer with 2 decades of experience.

"Time and again I have witnessed horses help people become aware of and resolve unconscious emotional patterns. Equine Guidance ® services help create lasting change because horses are powerful teachers who activate your positive potential in a non-judgmental and compassionate way."

healing horse experience

Equine Guidance Healing Horse Experiences

WOW!! Equine Guidance ® Individual Sessions


Know thyself through profound interactions with the Horse:
90 minute session

This session will guide you to reveal, resolve and sustain the positive outcomes from processing a core issue and therefore allow you to experience more of your potential. This experience is available by appointment, 9am-4pm for $150.00.


  • A personalized approach designed specifically for your goals
  • Achieve harmony within yourself and tap moments of enlightenment

Horses as Healers: A profound half day experience where horses help us see and connect to the potential of all there is. This experience is available by appointment, 9am-12pm or 1pm-4p for $300.00.per person  


  • Be guided to open the doors to the beauty of your authentic potential.
  • Experience the innate consciousness that is within and around us.

Dolphins of the Land (tm): An in-Depth Full-Day Experience horses like dolphins throughout time have taught people to connect to a language older then words opening our minds to the power and possibilities of vibrational healing.


  • Master the art of relationship through emotional honesty.
  • Shift our unconscious emotional minds out of our fears and into our individual and collective potential. $500.00. per person


Equine Guidance ® Group Sessions

Group Sessions Flat Fee: 

Three Hour Half-day Session ~ $1,500 group rate 4-10 participants

Seven Hour Full-day session ~ $2,000 group rate 4-10 participants


The Equine Guidance ® Intensive: Three Full days ~ $5,000 group rate 3-10

This three day intensive program guarantees wow results and gives each participant extensive individual time and attention within the group experience. Expect an amazing transition into your personal potential, strengths and leadership skills. 


During the equine experiential learning events you will experience:

  • Meet yourself through the eye of the horse
  • The art of doing nothing Really is Something!
  • Come full circle in the reflective round pen session

Equine experiential learning can teach you to:

  • Improve your personal potential, relationships and sense of purpose.
  • Experience the difference between “being” and “doing” and what this means for learning the finer points of your connection to self and all that is.
  • Recognize and release automatic responses, increase your sensitivity to instincts and intuition and start living more often in your optimal experience.


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